Texsolv Cord System

Texsolv Cord System


For all of your loom tying-up needs, Texsolv cord is a strong nylon cord with half-inch slots all along its length. The cord can be looped through itself, or srapped around loom components and fastened with pegs, and can be (carefully!) melted to seal the ends. Standard Texsolv cord is very strong, with a breaking strength of 180 pounds. Most tie-ups require only the standard loop cord. For the heavy loads of counter balance rollers or warp beam aprons you may prefer the heavy cord.


May be purchased by the yard, or on a spool. Purchases of multiple yards at the same time will be sold as a continuous length.



Pegs are available in two shapes:

  • two-legged Anchor pegs with hole
  • pointy Arrow pegs

Pegs are sold in bags of 25 pieces.



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