Bockens Seine Twine

Bockens Seine Twine

Cotton Seine Twine is a very tightly twisted yarn used for warp. This Egyptian cotton yarn has a long staple that when combined with the extra tight “seine” twist is exceptionally strong and smooth. It has very little stretch and stands up well to high tension, so it is frequently used as warp for tapestry weaving or rug weaving. It is a also good choice if you need to make your own string heddles or other loom-tying. The natural color is economical, and a good choice for warp in weft-faced projects where the warp won't show. The 12/6 size is also available in a bright bleached white.


100% cotton, undyed


Available in 500+gm (17.5+oz) tubes, in the following weights:

  • 12/6, 1600 ypp, 1800 yards per tube
  • 12/9, 1090 ypp, 1230 yards per tube
  • 12/12, 845 ypp, 925 yards per tube
  • 20/6, 2614 ypp, 2860 yards per tube


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