NEW! Interweave's Compendium of Finishing Techniques

NEW! Interweave's Compendium of Finishing Techniques


For weavers, knitters, sewers, quilters, embroiderers, crocheters, or anyone who is interested in the textile arts, this compendium offers an extensive range of fabric finishes. 


Topics include:

  • Edge treatments in knit, crochet, and weaving
  • Hems and hem treatments for fabric
  • Seams and joins for a variety of fabric types
  • Braids, cords, and other trimmings
  • Embroidery for any type of fabric
  • Buttons and other closures
  • Fabric care


Each technique is clearly presented with text, illustrations, and photographs of examples. The spiral binding keeps the book open while your hands are busy!


Interweave, 2015. 150 pages plus introductory pages, spiral-bound hardcover.



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