Lendrum Folding Spinning Wheel

Lendrum Folding Spinning Wheel


Versatile and portable Lendrum Folding Spinning Wheels have been handcrafted in Canada since 1976, and though the details may have been refined over the years, there has been little need for improvement on this clever design. Lendrum Wheels feature clean lines and uncomplicated operation, with a sliding-hook yarn guide and simple folding action for travel or storage. Three drive ratios are standard, and sufficient for a wide range of yarn thickness and fiber types, and you can add even more versatility with the Fast Flyer or Plying Flyer. The threading hook is anchored conveniently just under the orifice, and serves as a place to "park" your yarn in between spinning. The tensioned lazy kate and four bobbins are also included, so you can move right along to plying.


Built from sturdy Maple hardwood, the Lendrum is a wheel made to endure decades of use and travel. Lendrums are packed fully assembled, in the folded position. Just stand it up, position the mother-of-all and bands, and you are ready to spin!


Available as Double- or Single-Treadle.


Lendrums are in stock, ready to ship or be picked up at our Lynnwood storeroom.


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