Kauni 8/1 Laceweight EffektgarnKauni 8/1 Laceweight Effektgarn
Kauni 8/1 Laceweight Effektgarn

Kauni 8/1 Laceweight Effektgarn


Kauni Effektgarn is a classic favorite created in Denmark. It features super-long color gradients for distinctive projects that look impressive without extra effort! The wool is dyed prior to spinning, for gradually-blended transitions from one color to the next. The colors never cease to delight as they slowly shift throughout the skein. Kauni Effektgarn brings joy, warmth, color and comfort to your daily life.


The rustic texture of this pure wool will soften with each wash, and is delightful for blankets, shawls, and outerwear. This is the same gradient-spun wool as the familiar Kauni 8/2 Effektgarn, but half the thickness. It can be woven, but carefully, as it won't withstand as much tension as the 2-ply.


Some colors are available only as 50g (1.75 oz) balls, and some are available as giant 140g (4.9oz) to 250g (8.75 oz) skeins.




Fiber: 100% wool; hand wash, dry flat


Yardage: 385 yards (350m) per 50g ball, 1925 yards (1750m) per 250g skein


Sett: 12-24 epi


Gauge: laceweight



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