SALE! Ito Gima 8.5SALE! Ito Gima 8.5
SALE! Ito Gima 8.5

SALE! Ito Gima 8.5


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Ito Gima is a tiny tape yarn made of cotton, but due to its woven structure, has the crispness of a linen or paper yarn. Because of the stability inherent in the strand, Gima is plenty strong for a warp yarn, and can be worked to a variety of setts with different results. Woven densely, it is a firm yet pliable fabric for interesting towels and placemats. Woven loosely, the ribbony strand has space to wiggle and crinkle, for artistic summer scarves and wraps.





Fiber: 100% cotton


Yardage: Approximately 231 yards (211m) per 25g skein


Sett: 6-15 epi



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