CLEARANCE! Henry's Attic Kid 2000 Brushed

CLEARANCE! Henry's Attic Kid 2000 Brushed


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Kid 2000 is a classic, fluffy mohair yarn with lots of fluff and sheen! It is lovely worked on its own for lofty, airy garments and accessories, or it can be worked along with any other yarn to add lightweight warmth and a soft halo of fuzz. The gauge or sett is so flexible, since you can really compact all that fuzz down to smaller spaces for more density, or you can work it very loosely, and all of that brushed mohair will fill in the gaps, and hold its shape.


Woven scarves or blankets in brushed mohair are delightfully soft and warm, and when mohair is used in conjunction with smooth wool yarns, all sorts of textural possibilities await!


In natural creamy white which varies from batch to batch, and can be dyed with acid dyes.




Fiber: 87% mohair, 13% nylon


Yardage: 992yds (901m) per 8 ounce (227g) skein


Gauge: wide ranging, due to its brushed fuzz!



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