Harrisville Lap Looms

Harrisville Lap Looms


Perfect for beginners wanting to try out weaving for the first time, the Harrisville Lap Loom comes with everything you need to weave your first placemat or small bag.  Experienced weavers will enjoy the portability for tapestry projects or sampling.


Kids ages 7 and up (and adults of any age) will have fun exploring weaving with this simple loom, and can experience the satisfaction of making something with their own hands.  Great for travel, this loom is fairly flat and meant to rest in your lap (or on a floor or table) as you work.  Durable hardwood and quality craftsmanship mean that this is a loom that will last!


Sizes Available:

  • Lap Loom B: 14.5" x 18.5" (weaving area 12" x 17")
  • Lap Loom A: 12" x 16" (weaving area 9.5" x 14.5")
  • Peg Loom: 7" x 10"


Try the handy Wonder Wand for even quicker weaving!

Harrisville Designs has been designing and making their small looms for more than thirty years in Harrisville, New Hampshire, so you can feel good about supporting a family business upholding a tradition of quality in the textile industry.


Harrisville Lap Looms are in stock and ready to ship.




Assembled frame loom


Wool yarn for first project (bright colors for Lap Looms, jewel tones for Peg Loom)


Strong cotton warp yarn


Weaving tools (two shuttles and shed stick for lap looms, plastic needle for peg loom)


Illustrated instruction booklet


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