Get to Know Cotton Spinning Kit

Get to Know Cotton Spinning Kit

If you want to expand your spinning repertoire, try some cotton! Often thought to be more difficult to spin than wool, cotton spinning is not as hard as you may think- just different. And Brookmoore's Easy-to-Spin cotton fiber makes it even easier to explore what makes cotton unique among spinning fibers. It is incredibly soft and lofty, with its inherent crimp retained, making it nicely grippy for beginners, and a delightful experience for those used to more slippery cottons.


Our Cotton Spinning Kit contains all four natural, undyed colors of Brookmoore's cotton, as well as a tahkli spindle- the ideal cotton spinning tool. Tahklis were developed in India, where cotton spinning is the norm among spinners. Though you can spin cotton on a spinning wheel with high twist and low tension settings, tahklis are simple and compact, so you can take your spinning project with you wherever you go! The small wood bowl keeps your spindle right where you want it while spinning.


If you like more instruction, you can add Stephenie Gaustad's comprehensive book to your kit. This book is a complete look at cotton (plus flax and hemp) as a spinning fiber. History, plant growth and characteristics, fiber processing and behavior, and various methods of spinning are all discussed, accompanied by clear illustrations and beautiful photography.


Kit Contains:


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