Weaving Works Felting Needles

Weaving Works Felting Needles

These packs of felting needles come in various shapes and sizes for different purposes. These needles are a standard 3.5" or 3" long* and fit in all the felting needle holders we carry, as long as different lengths are not used together. For more information about how size, shape and direction affect needle felting, please see our Felting Needle Guide.


 Felting Needle General Use Color Marks
32g coarse triangle for coarse fiber and attaching hair to cloth single white mark

36g medium triangle

for medium to coarse fiber and sculpture single yellow mark
40g extra fine triangle for detail work or attaching fine or yarn to cloth ground single black mark

38g fine star

for fine fiber and pictorial inlay two red marks

40g extra fine spiral

for dense, quick precision felting four black marks

40g extra fine reverse

for bringing colors to the surface and creating a fuzzy texture on something already felting three black marks



Triangle Combo Pack includes 2 x 32g, 2 x 36g, 2 x 40g

Specialty Combo Pack includes 1 x 38g star, 1 x 40g reverse, 2 x 40g spiral

*38g Star and 40g Spiral are 3" long needles. All others are 3.5".


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