Eucalan Wool Wash

Eucalan Wool Wash

Eucalan Delicates Wash is the ideal way to gently and effectively clean any of your fine hand-washables, especially wools and other natural fibers. All of the varieties contain lanolin to condition fine fibers and keep static away, and the no-rinse formula means that your wools are subjected to less of the agitation that can cause felting. A wash in Eucalan is the perfect way to care for your handwoven blankets and shawls, or your handknit sweaters and accessories, especially before storing them. Also use it when washing your freshly-spun yarns, or as a final rinse when dyeing yarn or fiber.


Both the Lavender and Eucalyptus varieties are scented with natural essential oils to protect against moths and fleas, and have a pleasant, non-perfumy fragrance. The Natural (unscented) variety is great for those with scent sensitivities.


The 3.3 ounce (100 mL) bottle is enough for about 20 hand-washes. The 16.9 ounce (500 mL) bottle is enough for about 95 hand-washes or 33 machine-washes.



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