Navajo Style Weaving - Loom included!

Instructor: Eileen Van Bronkhorst

In this 4 day class, your fingers will dance in the warp of Navajo style weaving technique on an upright loom! Warp a four selvedge small rug, learn weaving techniques and apply concepts of color and design. The beauty is, when you weave your last row and take it off the loom - it is finished!


The materials for your small rug as well as the loom and equipment needed are all included in the price of this workshop. Equipment includes: Loom - approx. 22” x 30” with tensioning device and dowels, a fork and 2 battons.


Bring: Lunch - optional (lots of options in the neighborhood as well)

    Price: $690.00

    4 Sessions

    Two weekends: October 21/22nd and November 4/5th from 10am-4pm

    6 Spots left!

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