Weaving: Transparency

Instructor: Michael Patterson

Transparency weaving is like tapestry with a few special tweaks. In this class, we'll use a warp of 16/2 linen sett at 15 ends per inch. A thin wool yarn will be used for weft. Space is part of the plan and design in making a transparency. It is the space that keeps us from calling it tapestry, and it is the space that gives us the transparency. If you are looking for a faster way of weaving pictures, transparencies are a great approach.


4-harness table looms are supplied for use in the class. INCLUDES: Warp and weft for small sample project.


BRING: Bring: notebook, scissors, lunch (or try one of the many neighborhood options).

Price: $213.00

2 Sessions

Two sessions: Thursday & Friday March 30th and 31st from 10am-4pm

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