Weaving: Theo Moorman Technique

Instructor: Michael Patterson

Theo Moorman Technique is one of those techniques that can help free up the artist in any weaver. Weavers work with structure/technique to create pattern. Texture comes from the fibers used. Michael says "Tapestry is the default choice for unicorns and almost any other free-form weaving design."


Theo Moorman developed a two-warp system that system that simplifies weaving with a tie-down warp. In this class we will explore design without the limitation of a required block orientation or structure. You will be shown how to put two warps on the loom at the same time. You will also learn to create your design using inlaid weft threads. We will also look at alternative weft materials and spend some time group thinking about other creative design possibilities.


4-harness table looms are supplied for use in the class. INCLUDES: Warp and weft for small sample project.


BRING: Bring: notebook, scissors, fine yarn scraps, lunch (or try one of the many neighborhood options).


Price: $208.00

2 Sessions

Thursday & Friday June 29th & 30th from 10am-4pm

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