Instructor: Malina Hubler

Did you miss out on getting a pussyhat? I can help you to make one of your own! Your project will be customized to your style because you can choose any weight of yarn you want (or any color).  During the first class, I will show you CO and ribbing techniques to get started.  The last class will be binding off and stitching together the sides of the hat.  


Class includes: Pussyhat pattern (available here)


BRING: Yarn and needles appropriate for the weight of yarn you've chosen and tapestry needle for finishing. All supplies are available at The Weaving Works with your 10% student discount. Staff are able to help you choose yarn and get the right needles.

Must know how to CO, K, P, and BO. However, I am willing to help if you are still learning one of these skills.


Class is open to students ages 7 up!


I'm a Seattle local currently working as an elementary school substitute. I learned to knit at 9 years old when visiting family in California.  My relative noticed that I was interested in her knitting project and right away she bought me needles and a ball of lavender-colored yarn. I caught on quickly, making my first scarf in just two weeks. From there I taught myself new techniques from a children's knitting book. My love for crochet started soon after while visiting family in Switzerland. Over time, teaching others to knit and crochet and making handmade gifts has brought me joy and a sense of accomplishment. Because I have been dedicated to my craft for many years, my handmade products are uniquely my own creative design, made with thought and love.

Price: $58.00

2 Sessions

Saturdays, May 27 & June 3 from 6:30 to 8:30pm

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