Spinning Lofty Yarn

Instructor: Michael Kelson

Spinning Lofty Yarns From Worsted Preparations


Much of the wonderful fiber we have access to as hand-spinners comes to us in the form of combed top. Top is a worsted preparation and can spin a very dense yarn, which might be great for socks or mittens, but if you’d like to spin a loftier yarn for something like a hat, a scarf, or even a sweater, this class will explore techniques to introduce more air, loft, and bounce into your handspun yarn.


This class will discuss various drafting techniques for different fiber preparations, ways to modify your fiber preparation, how to spin from the fold, and how to measure your yarn to help ensure that you are getting exactly the yarn you want for the project you have in mind.


Skill level: Beginning-Plus/Intermediate.


Pre-requisites: Students should be able to comfortably spin a continuous single and have some experience plying and finishing yarn.


What to bring: Your spinning wheel and accessories plus any spinning tools you would like to use (e.g. cards, mini combs, blending board). A variety of different fibers will be provided in class, but bring along samples of any fibers you may have that you’d like to practice with!


Shop wheels will be available if needed.

Michael is the coordinator for the annual Men's Fall Knitting Retreat and the Seattle Men Who Knit meet-up. He is passionate about sharing his love of spinning with beginning students. By day he is a software professional, but on weekends he's out and about with his eSpinner in tow!

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1 Session

Saturday September 10th from 1:00-4pm

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