Ashford Warping Pegs for Rigid Heddle Loom

Ashford Warping Pegs for Rigid Heddle Loom


If you would like to try indirect warping on your Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom, Ashford has come up with a clever and space-saving alternative to a warping frame. These pegs fit into the holes on the underside of your Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom* so you can wind your warp right there. Then you remove the warp from the pegs, remove the pegs from the loom, flip it over and start threading!


The approximate maximum warp lengths for each size loom are:

RH400 - Rigid Heddle 40cm (16") -  4.7m (15.5')

RH600 - Rigid Heddle 60cm (24") - 6.7m (22')

RH800 - Rigid Heddle 80cm (32") - 8.7m (28.5')

RH1200 - Rigid Heddle 120cm (48") - 12.7m (41.5')


Pegs are made of strong, unfinished Silver Beech hardwood. Set of 14 pegs, each 4.75" (12 cm) long, 7/16" (11 mm) diameter.


*Only the Rigid Heddle Loom has the holes for pegs. Will not work with other rigid-heddle-style looms.



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