Ashford English Leicester Locks

Ashford English Leicester Locks


English Leicester is a beautiful high lustre wool with a well defined crimp that forms curly locks.


Add this delightful texture to spinning, weaving, and felting projects- your imagination is the limit!

- Spinning - Open the fiber out and spin a softly twisted single with lots of curly texture, and ply with a fine cotton, silk or wool to add stability. Or spin it smooth and fine for a crisp lace yarn.
- Weaving - Integrate the beautiful shiny locks into handwoven fabrics and tapestries. Handknot locks into rugs or wall hangings.
- Felting - Add surface texture to flat-felted images, or give your next felted critter an amazing coat of curls!
- Dyeing - This fiber will take dye beautifully, with its lovely luster. Use Acid Dyes.


This wool has been gently washed, but not combed or carded, to keep the curls intact. The color is creamy white with yellow and grey tones. Some soil and vegetable matter remains in the tips of the locks, and may be washed again if you desire. 

Micron 38-40, Staple length approx. 17.5cm (7ins).

Price is per ounce.




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