Ashford SampleIt and Rigid Heddle Loom Reeds

Ashford SampleIt and Rigid Heddle Loom Reeds


Ashford's Reeds are available in 6 sizes (2.5D, 5D, 7.5D, 10D, 12.5D and 15D) to accommodate a variety of yarns and projects. 10" and 16" widths fit SampleIt Looms, and 16"-48" widths fit Rigid Heddle Looms. (click here to see reeds for the Ashford Knitter's Loom)

Generally, the finer the yarn the higher dent per inch ("dpi" or "D" = number of spaces and slots per inch) you need to make a solid fabric. The 2.5D, 5D, 7.5D and 10D reeds feature wide eyes that can be used easily with novelty yarns. These reeds are made from strong, durable nylon with Silver Beech rails.


Available in 10" (25cm), 16" (40cm), 24" (60cm), 32" (80cm), and 48" (120cm) widths


Many customers ask us what reed they need for what projects. We have found the following:


  • Towels made from Queen Anne's Lace, 8/4 cotton, 3/2 cotton, fingering weight cotton and doubled 8/2 cottons or cotton linen blends are great sett at 10 dpi.
  • Finer tea towels will benefit from a finer sett (12.5D or 15D) and perhaps a double-heddle setup.
  • Henry's Attic Peruvian Tweed makes a really lovely scarf at 7.5 or 10 dpi.
  • Worsted weight yarns and placemats soar at 7.5 dpi.
  • Lace weight scarves can be sett at 15 dpi and will remain light, you may even be able to go as wide as 10 dpi if you are using a mohair blend, or something with a bit of a halo.
  • If you plan to full or felt your woolly woven, sett it a bit wider than you normally would to allow it to move and full to itself.



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