5 Basic Stitch Patterns

Designer: Weaving Works

Simple knit and purl reversible textured stitch patterns

includes garter stitch, seed stitch, moss ridges, mistake rib and checkerboard.


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» Each of these patterns is reversible and will lie flat. They are perfect for creating knits without a ‘wrong’ side, such as scarves, wraps and blankets.

» These patterns do not require or benefit from any edge stitches or rows.

» Use a needle size or two larger than what your yarn calls for when making scarves, etc. The resulting fabric will drape more and your yardage will go a little further.

» Always cast on and bind off loosely. Try casting on or binding off in pattern and see if you like the effect.

» Try working some of these patterns lengthwise. Moss Ridges and garter stitch give a vertical ribbon texture.


common measurements
» scarves: 4-12” (10-30cm) wide
    x 48-72” (120-180cm) long

» prayer shawls: 26-30” (66-76cm) wide x 60” (152cm) long

» baby blankets: 20-36” (50-90cm) wide x 24-52” (60-130cm) long

» throws: 42-50” (106-127cm) wide
    x 50-60” (127-152cm) long