Ashford Tapestry Weaving Frames

Ashford Tapestry Weaving Frames

A simple frame loom is a wonderful introduction to the creative and colorful art of weaving! Also known as weaving frames or tapestry looms, frame looms are the quickest way to delve into weaving as a beginner, and a way to explore color and texture for weavers of all skill levels.


Ashford's strong and compact weaving frames are crafted from Silver Beech hardwood, and can be assembled securely without tools. They are perfect for creating free-form woven pieces by "painting" with wool. You just need a strong, smooth warp thread, and after that, you can incorporate any yarn, roving, or other natural materials you desire, to weave a wall hanging, small bag, appliqué, or frame-able art piece!


The loom comes with very basic instruction for getting started. Find more detailed instructions in Elena Vilar's exceptional book on the subject.


Choose to get just the frame on its own, in either size, and dig into your own fiber stash for inspiration. Or, for a great gift, choose the kit option. Kit includes the small weaving frame, plus tools and materials to weave your first piece!


Weaving Frame only:

  • small: 9.75" x 13.75" (25 x 35 cm)
  • large: 19.75" x 27.5" (50 x 70 cm)


Kit option includes:

  • small weaving frame
  • large weaving needle
  • warp thread
  • dowel for hanging
  • assortment of yarn and fiber in "Brights" or "Monochrome"


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