Brookmoore Undyed Cotton Slivers

Brookmoore Undyed Cotton Slivers


Grown with more love and fewer chemicals, Brookmoore's Easy to Spin Cotton Slivers are processed using a special technique which retains the fiber's inherent crimp, making it a delight to spin. Exceptionally soft cotton fiber is perfect for handspinners in warm climates or those who can't wear wool, and is easier to spin than you may have thought! The very short cotton fibers can be spun on a spinning wheel with high twist and low tension, and are especially well-suited to being spun on a tahkli spindle. All four available colors are naturally grown and undyed.


from top left in first photo: Natural Green, Natural Brown, Natural White, Natural Cinnamon (front)


Spinner's Notes:

Cotton sliver has a definite direction that makes smooth spinning easier, while the opposite end will create more slubs. If you are having difficulty spinning smoothly, try the other end.

There is no need to boil handspun cotton yarn unless it is to be dyed. Soaking in hot water with a little detergent for 30 minutes will set the twist and clean the cotton.

The Green and Brown colors can be darkened by soaking in hot water from the tap and household ammonia (2 q water/ 3/4 ounce ammonia) and a small amount of detergent for 30 minutes.


To dye cotton, you will need Procion MX dyes.


Sold as 1 ounce (28 g) or 4 ounce (113 g) bags.


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