DHG Carded Bergschaf Wool BattsDHG Carded Bergschaf Wool BattsDHG Carded Bergschaf Wool Batts
DHG Carded Bergschaf Wool Batts

DHG Carded Bergschaf Wool Batts


Wool batts can provide a stable background for flat-felted pieces, or a core of uniform density for three-dimensional felted sculpture. Batting differs from roving in that it is carded into a flat sheet rather than a linear material, so it is ready to use for flat pieces. It can also be easily pulled apart into tufts for needle felting.


Bergschaf wool provides excellent density and structure to wet-felted projects, even when used in very thin layers. Felted free-standing containers benefit especially from its strength. For needle felting, the fluffy and uniform texture can be lightly felted inside a soft sculpture for a soft and light product, or it can be worked quite densely for pieces that need a firmer core.


Batts are available in 3.5 ounce (100 gram) or 17.5 ounce (500 gram) bags. The wool is clean of dirt and oil, though some small vegetable matter remains.



Micron Count: 33µ

Origin: Austria


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