***Tour de Fleece***

Instructor: Weaving Works

First of all, what is the Tour de Fleece?


The Tour de Fleece is an annual online event for spinners, corresponding to the Tour de France bicycle race. More of a social and community-building event than a contest, the Tour de Fleece is a great way to challenge yourself as a spinner, or to treat yourself to some devoted spinning time.


Learn more about the origins of the Tour de Fleece here.


Guidelines for participating:
  •  Spin every day the Tour de France rides (July 6-28, 2019), and rest when they rest. Spin a little or a lot- it's up to you and no one is judging!
  • Spin something challenging on challenging days of the Tour (hill climbs, etc.). This is a great excuse to try a new fiber or technique, or a new spinning tool.
  • Wear yellow on the last day to announce Victory!
  • Join a team, if you like. It's more fun with friends! Find teams on Ravelry.com or Facebook.
  • Have fun! (very important)


We would love to see your progress and finished yarns! Share or tag us on Facebook or Instagram: @weavingworks


Challenge Yourself. Spin. Have Fun!