NEW! Friendly Loom Backstrap Loom Kit

NEW! Friendly Loom Backstrap Loom Kit


A Backstrap Loom is based on the simple Peruvian backstrap loom used for centuries to make the distinctive, colorful woven sashes, straps and bands. Using the same methods, it’s easy and fun to weave unique, beautiful bands  that can be used in a variety of ways, from belts to carrying straps. Belts and bands have decorated clothing all over the world for hundreds of years, and these designs are still popular today.


Even very small amounts of "stash" yarn can be used to make stunning one-of-a kind woven bands. Create all sorts of things such as bookmarks, headbands, belts, wristbands, sashes, and guitar straps with this very simple loom. Once you start making colorful bands, you will think up all sorts of decorative and practical uses for them! Harrisville has made this Friendly Loom product extra fun and easy by starting the first warp for you. The kit comes with the warp yarn pre-threaded in the heddle so you can get started on your first project right away.


A backstrap loom is tensioned by anchoring one end of the warp to a heavy or stationary object (like a table leg, post, or even a friendly tree), and anchoring the other end around your body. This is a very portable type of weaving; all of the pieces can fit in a small handbag or large pocket so you can take it with you almost anywhere!


The Backstrap kit includes:

  • Sturdy hardwood clamp device with belt tie
  • plastic 8-dent rigid heddle (2" weaving width)
  • 2.5 yards 100% pure wool warp (pre-threaded through the heddle)
  • 100% pure wool weft yarn
  • shuttle beater
  • illustrated instructions for weaving and for starting a new warp


You will need:


The Backstrap Loom Kit comes in a cute little box ideal for gifting and storage. Recommended for ages 9 and up.


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