DHG Undyed Silk Hankies

DHG Undyed Silk Hankies

Silk hankies, or mawata silk squares, are composed of individual silk cocoons that have been opened and stretched onto a square frame. Each bundle contains layers and layers of light-as-air silk fiber panels that are easily peeled away into very thin sheets.


You can spin or knit this fiber by separating a layer, poking a hole in the center, and stretching (drafting) the loop evenly until it is the thickness you would like to work with. Then just break the loop so you have one long strand that you can knit or crochet directly, or spin on a drop spindle or wheel to add twist and strength.


These featherlight silk sheets can also be spread out and stretched to create an ultra-light base for nuno felting with wool fibers. Even when spread very thin, silk fibers are strong, to help you create gossamer wool and silk felted fabrics that are more durable than they seem!


Silk fiber takes dye easily and vibrantly! Consider making your own custom color with Acid Dyes. Or see DHG Dyed Silk Hankies and Frabjous Fibers Dyed Silk Hankies.


See our blog post about spinning silk hankies.



Material: 100% Silk Cocoon

Origin: China

Size: each bundle weighs about 1 ounce, and measures about 10" square




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