DHG Mulberry Silk Laps

DHG Mulberry Silk Laps


Mulberry silk laps are an incredible sheet of silk fibers, usually a few feet wide, and nebulous in shape, though roughly rectangular. Each sheet is made up of multiple layers of fiber, which can be separated into very thin layers or left thick and fluffy.


These featherlight silk sheets can also be spread out and stretched to create a kind of web, which contributes to creating some beautiful effects in wet felting or nuno felting, in conjunction with wool fibers. Even when spread very thin, silk fibers are strong, to help you create gossamer wool and silk felted fabrics that are more durable than they seem!


Silk fiber takes dye easily and vibrantly! Consider making your own custom color with Acid Dyes.



Pre-packaged in 50 gram (1.75 ounce) or 500 gram (17.5 ounce) bags. Both sizes will have one or more cut edges. 500 gram pieces are best for nuno felting in sheet form. 50 gram pieces vary in shape, thickness, and can be multiple pieces, and are therefore best used for blending, spinning, or more free-form nuno felting.

Origin: China

(Prior to July 2020, packaged as 2 ounce bags)




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