Foxglove Yak and Cultivated Silk Fiber

Foxglove Yak and Cultivated Silk Fiber

Super-soft yak down, in its natural coffee brown color, is combined with lustrous silk in this 50/50 blend. Tibetan Yak is a luxury fiber often compared to cashmere and camel down, and is prized for its exceptional warmth and softness. Cultivated Silk is soft, shiny, drapy and pliable. The resulting blended roving is whisper-light, delightfully soft, and drafts like a dream. Strong cultivated silk gives strength to your finished yarn, and a supple drape that is complemented by the downy lightness of the yak fiber.


The matte finish and dark hue of the yak fiber give a stunning depth to the shine of the silk, for a color like polished pewter. 


Beautiful dye effects can be achieved when multi-hued fibers are carefully dyed! Yak and silk both dye with Acid Dyes.


staple length is 2", micron count is 19-19.5.


Sold by the ounce.


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