Woven Art by Elena Vilar

Woven Art by Elena Vilar


The ancient craft of weaving has long been recognized for its humble, practical beauty and meditative qualities: while creating gorgeous decorative projects, you can also reflect and relax through the repeating motions of yarn winding over yarn. Rediscover this traditional craft and develop your tapestry weaving skills in the wonderful world of Elena Vilar, professional weaver and beloved French blogger known as Deer Jane. Using simple tools and a wide range of yarns and materials, this book will inspire complete beginners as well as seasoned weavers.


With easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of photo illustrations, you can learn how to create 15 woven masterpieces with a modern twist. Elena guides even the absolute beginner through all the stages of woven wall pieces and other projects, beginning with introductions to yarn options and directions for making your own frame looms. Many designs here incorporate alternate materials such as bark, feathers, and unspun roving, and explore a number of tapestry-weaving techniques. Both round and rectangular looms are used, and combine both traditional and free-form weaving. Options for finishing and mounting finished work are included, as well as embellishments such as pom-poms, embroidery, and tassels.


Projects include 11 wall-hangings, a hanging vase-holder, a necklace pendant, a handbag, and a throw rug, in addition to instructions for making cardboard or wooden looms, dyeing your own materials with natural dyes, and making t-shirt yarn.


Search Press, 2019. 159 pages, paperback.



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