The Techniques of Tablet Weaving by Peter Collingwood

The Techniques of Tablet Weaving by Peter Collingwood

To finally have this magnificent book available again is just wonderful. (This edition has been re-typeset and rearranged.)


We recommended it to serious tablet weavers and ambitious beginning students. No other English writer has been able to so clearly and thoroughly explore a complex technique. With photos of historic pieces, many diagrams, and clear text, the author delves so deeply into areas like double-face twill patterning, plain/twined weaves, brocades and patterned velvet, that you'll probably be starting a study group just to see what some of these patterns look like! Many black and white photos and illustrations accompany thorough discussion of history, methods, and plenty of inspiration.


Robin & Russ Handweavers, 1982, 2002. 320 pages, paperback.



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