Simple Woven Garments by Sara Goldenberg and Jane Patrick

Simple Woven Garments by Sara Goldenberg and Jane Patrick


A beautiful collection of wearable woven styles for ambitious weavers who are ready to challenge themselves, and take their weaving skills to new level!


Are you ready to move beyond creating woven scarves onto gorgeous, woven garments? Simple Woven Garments is the book you need! As both a pattern book and an idea book for creating simple woven shapes, authors Sara Goldenberg White and Jane Patrick have created a unique resource for weavers that you’re sure to discover is a must-have for your weaving library.


Simple Woven Garments shows you how to create fabric that works for the intended garment, is easy to weave, and is above all beautiful. Sara and Jane explore topics in weaving techniques such as shaping, selvedges, and doubling threads. Don’t let the idea of complicated garment construction intimidate you, the designs in Simple Woven Garments truly are simple and the sewing is minimal. Woven squares, rectangles, and strips are assembled into easy-sew garments including wraps and tops, ranging from easy shawls with a twist to woven sweaters. Most, though not all, projects require at least a 20"-wide rigid-heddle loom, and use readily available knitting yarns (with a handy yarn substitution chart). Of course, you can accomplish these projects on your harness loom as well, for even more options in texture.


Grab your favorite fiber and ready your loom to weave the stunning projects in Simple Woven Garments today!



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