The Weaver's Companion by Madelyn van der Hoogt

The Weaver's Companion by Madelyn van der Hoogt


This invaluable resource for weavers is back in print! Compiled from the combined years of experience of Handwoven magazine's editors and contributors, this compact handbook is the reference every weaver needs close at hand, full of tips, tricks, tables, and techniques.


Rather than a learn-to-weave instruction book, this is a reference manual for all of the things that a weaver might need to remember: loom and equipment types, small equipment usage, yarn characteristics and identification, project planning and calculations, common techniques and abbreviations, warp review checklist, reading pattern drafts, finishing techniques, and troubleshooting. All of this, in a spiral-bound format for ease of use, and a 5-by-7 inch size to tuck into your loom bench or travel bag!


Interweave, 2001. 112 pages, spiral-bound paperback.



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