Doubleweave Revised and Expanded by Jennifer Moore

Doubleweave Revised and Expanded by Jennifer Moore


Conventional shaft loom weaving constricts the weaver into making only a single layer of fabric that is no wider than the loom. Increase your loom’s capabilities with doubleweave!


In this comprehensive guide to doubleweave, master weaver Jennifer Moore revisits the methods and techniques to weaving in multiple layers. This colorful and inspiring book is filled with information about doubleweaving and more, including doubleweave technique samples for both 4 and 8-shaft looms and some overshot patterns. Beautiful doubleweave project patterns for the home and more can be accomplished with instruction on how to weave fabric twice, thrice or even four-times the width of your loom, with no seam. Expand the abilities of your loom!


Interweave, 2018. 175 pages, paperback.



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