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SALE! Ply Magazine


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PLY Magazine was initially funded in 2013 by the spinning community via a very successful campaign. In fact, with PLY’s very limited advertising (less than 15% instead of the normal 40-50%), PLY is still funded by the community — without subscribers and writers, it doesn’t exist. With its very small staff, there is a lot of work and passion in this magazine.


Ply Magazine honors and contributes to the worldwide handspinning community, providing guidance, education, and inspiration to both experienced and new spinners. Each issue includes articles on technique, equipment, and history, specific spinning projects from a variety of sources, and inspirational projects using handspun yarn.


Each issue has theme to focus all of the content together, so you can more easily find the information you need as you build your spinning reference library. Printed in vibrant color on heavy paper, Ply is a joy to read, and to keep.



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