Woven to Wear by Marilyn Murphy

Woven to Wear by Marilyn Murphy


17 Thoughtful Designs with Simple Shapes


Author Marilyn Murphy and several contributors at the forefront of handwoven wearables offer guidance for weaving scarves, wraps, shawls, capelets, and other garments, along with advice for finishing, cutting and sewing the fabric, adding edgings and closures, and combining woven fabrics with other techniques such as knitting and patchwork.

The Woven to Wear designs are influenced by a global melting pot of traditional folkloric costume and ethnic fabric mixes in which silhouettes are roomy, layered, and flowing, and the cloth takes center stage.


The collection of designs includes several scarves, a variety of wraps (ponchos, large scarves, ruanas, etc.), a pullover, a jacket, and a vest. All of these designs can be woven on harness or shaft looms, and most of them can be woven on rigid heddle looms of varying widths, and use readily available yarns.
Also included is general weaving advice, weaving tips and techniques, discussion of yarn properties, advice on designing fabrics and simple garments, and a wide range of finishing techniques.

Nine different designers are featured, discussing their approaches to design and weaving, accompanied by inspirational photos of their finished works.



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