Weaver's Texture Sampler Pack

Weaver's Texture Sampler Pack


Add visual interest and explore new textures in your weaving with our Weaver's Yarn Sampler!


One of the simplest ways you can move beyond basic weaving is to swap out smooth yarns for ones with interesting textures. This collection includes frothy bouclé, crisp cotton tape, downy mohair, shiny slubbed silk, and sparkling sequins. With just over 1000 yards in total, there is enough yardage here for a multi-textured scarf or wrap (depending on your loom waste)- just imagine the delightful fringe! You could experiment with these yarns one at a time, or sprinkle them throughout larger projects. A little texture can go a long way- imagine a strand of sequins running through plush chenille, slubs of silk popping up in smooth bamboo fabric, or bubbly bouclé edging on a soft swath of Zephyr.


Even the plainest of weaves can be made special with luxurious textures- great for rigid-heddle looms, tapestry weaving, or harness looms. You can sett these yarns with lots of room (10-12 epi) to show off the textures, though they can also be compacted a bit to suit your other yarns (15-18 epi). We recommend tying knots at the ends of Awayuki and Cotton Gold, to keep them from unraveling when left as fringe.


The pack includes one ball each of five yarns (which can also be purchased individually):


  • The Loom Risoni, 153-164 yards, a shiny, crisp silk with irregular slubs
  • Ito Awayuki, 164 yards, a petite-looped mohair and silk bouclé
  • Ito Gima 8.5, 231 yards, a crisp, narrow cotton tape
  • Ito Sensai, 262 yards, a fine brushed mohair and silk blend
  • Rozetti Cotton Gold, 200 yards, a sequin-studded cotton, plied with metallic thread (the sequins are tiny, about 1/8 inch (3mm), and they fit through all of the heddles we tested!)


NEW! Create your own Texture Sampler Pack: put one each of the five yarns linked above into your cart, in your choice of colors, and enter the coupon code TEXTURE to adjust the total to the sampler-pack price. (cannot be combined with other coupon codes.)



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