Texsolv Heddles

Texsolv Heddles


Texsolv heddles are lightweight, quiet, and come in a variety of lengths to fit most table and floor looms. Texsolv System heddles are made in joined 100-heddle bundles. The strong, durable polyester is crocheted without knots. Heddles slide easily on harnesses, and do not stretch. Open construction of heddles facilitates threading and eliminates friction on warp.


  • 5 15/16" (red tie), for Louet Erica and Schacht Cricket Quartet
  • 8 1/8" (black tie), for Louet Jane and Kombo, Glimakra Victoria
  • 8 11/16" (green tie),  for all Ashford table looms
  • 9 5/15" (brown tie), for Schacht Wolf series looms; Leclerc Voyageur, Dorothy, and Diana; Dundas (Montana) table looms; Glimakra Julia; Mountain
  • 10 1/2" (pink tie), for Harrisville; Leclerc Artisat, Compact, Mira, Fanny, Nilus, and Ashford Jack looms
  • 10 15/16" (white tie), for Glimakra Ideal and Standard; Toika manually-controlled Liisa, Eeva, Sonja, Jaana, and Norjanna; Louet David
  • 12 3/8" (blue tie), for Leclerc Colonial, Nilus II, Weavebird, and Kebec; Norwood Cranbrook 48"-60"
  • 12 7/8" (green tie) Toika computer-controlled Liisa, Eeva, Jaana, and Norjaana; Louet Delta; Norwood 72" Cranbrook; Schacht Cranbrook


If your loom is not listed, you can measure for correct length. To determine length needed, measure from the top of the top heddle bar to the bottom of the bottom heddle bar. This measurement is your heddle length.


To install heddles while keeping them tidy, slide them onto the heddle bars without removing ties. Please verify that you have the correct length before removing the ties, as we will be unable to accept returns of heddles that are untied or cut.


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