Henry's Attic Queen Anne's Lace

Henry's Attic Queen Anne's Lace


a classic weaver's staple


We love Queen Anne's Lace for baby blankets, and for towels of all sizes!* Made of soft, undyed matte cotton, the texture is a slubby, thick-and-thin boucle. It weaves into a squishy, snuggly fabric using just a basic plain weave, and is quite absorbent.


To add color, or just to mix it up a bit, Maysville Carpet Warp is a natural complement to Queen Anne's Lace, or if you need just small amounts of accent colors, try the Ricorumi Cotton DK. Play with stripes of color in the warp or weft, or have fun with natural Carpet Warp for tone-on tone texture play. You really can't go wrong!




Fiber: 100% cotton, grown and spun in the USA


Yardage: Approximately 1650 yards (1500m) per 1 lb (454 gm) cone


Gauge: 22-24 sts per 4in (10cm) on a US6 (4mm) needle


Sett: 10-12 epi

*one cone will make a baby blanket about 35" x 40", or four towels about 17" x 22" (may vary depending on your loom waste)*


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