Henry's Attic Queen Anne's Lace

Henry's Attic Queen Anne's Lace


a classic weaver's staple


We love Queen Anne's Lace for baby blankets, and for towels of all sizes!*  Made of soft, undyed matte cotton, the texture is a slubby, thick-and-thin boucle.  It weaves into a squishy, snuggly fabric using just a basic plain weave, and is quite absorbent.


To add color, or just to mix it up a bit, Maysville Carpet Warp is a natural complement to Queen Anne's Lace.  Play with stripes of color in the warp or weft, or have fun with natural Carpet Warp for tone-on tone texture play.  You really can't go wrong!




Fiber: 100% cotton


Yardage: Approximately 1650 yards (1500m) per 1 lb (454 gm) cone


Gauge: 22-24 sts per 4in (10cm) on a US6 (4mm) needle


Sett: 10-12 epi

*one cone will make a baby blanket about 35" x 40", or four towels about 17" x 22" (may vary depending on your loom waste)*


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