The Impetuous Weaver Weaves with Handspun, part 3

This installment in the Weaving with Handspun series is really more of a show-and-tell than an instructive post, since the project idea comes straight from another blog, and needs no improvement!


a small woven bag is made of rainbow-striped woven fabric, with the colors running vertically along the strap and sides of the bag



The Impetuous Weaver Explores Self-Striping Yarn, part 1

By now you are probably aware that the Impetuous Weaver cannot resist a rainbow. So what could be more enticing than an all-in-one rainbow yarn!


one large cylindrical ball of yarn show concentric rings of rainbow colors, with one similar small ball of yarn next to it 

And, as usual, jumping right into a weaving project results in unexpectedly learning a thing or two, answers some questions, and leads to more questions.


Summer Stripes from Pom Pom Quarterly


We are loving Pom Pom Quarterly's latest collection. It's full of simple and wearable summer garments featuring stripes of all sorts!

stack of striped summer sweaters


It starts with a breezy, oversized tee in one of our favorite yarns, Shibui Knits Reed. Herrera features subtle and flattering stripes, a deep vee back, and plenty of fluid drape, thanks to the chainette structure of this beautiful linen yarn.

Herrera Tee


The Anni top utilizes a clever slip-stitch pattern to create easier-than-it-looks vertical stripes, so you can worry less about the process, and have fun playing with colors. Knit in Juniper Moon Zooey, it has the right balance of crispness and squish, and will be a timeless knit in Zooey's palette of subtle neutrals and mellow colors.

Anni Top three views


For an even quicker project, how about the Judoka bag? Straightforward knitting plus clever folding and sewing make this a project that even a new knitter can accomplish, with stunning results. Written for three sizes (the smallest and largest are shown), you just might want all three!

We are thinking of working this one up in crisp Ito Gima, a tiny cotton tape yarn, for its strength and interesting texture. Or maybe Spincycle Dyed in the Wool, with its built-in stripes!

Judoka bag flat

Judoka bag in action

        Judoka with knitting


For more information, or to purchase Pom Pom 25 and back issues, click here.

Happy Summer Knitting, from the Weaving Works!