Weaving Workers at Home, part 2

Hello again, Friends! As we continue to stay home and stay healthy, we will keep up sharing our projects on the blog, to stay in touch and inspire each other to create. Today's projects include lots of weaving, a little knit and crochet, and gardening:



Cass has been working on some pretty crocheted baskets using a paper-type yarn. These are destined for reining in the LEGO stash, but are shown here with softer contents.
soft crocheted basket in progress, off-white with black patterned band around center two soft baskets filled with yarn and pom poms, sitting on a counter with some plants behind

Her son will never be lacking in beautifully handknit sweaters! The latest will be a shawl-collar pullover knit in superwash wool.

knitted sweater body with yarn and needles showing progress of knitting a sleeve cuff

With warmer weather here to stay, it was also time for some seedlings to go out to the garden. Grow well, tiny plants!

an egg carton full of soil with tiny seedlings, in front of small pots with more seedlings  an outdoor raised planter bed with groups of tiny seedlings, next to a hedge



Carrie has warped her loom with a stunning rainbow of carpet warp, for a series of rep-weave table runners. Rainbow!
warp yarns threaded through a loom, in a rainbow of colors weaving in progress on a loom, with a block pattern in a rainbow sequence further weaving progress of the rainbow rep-weave block pattern close-up image of the same rainbow rep-weave pattern in progress



Sam has finished a long-running project! She started this rug on her 2-treadle high warp loom months ago. It's made of Pendleton selvage with a warp sett at 6 epi. Without a beater, the work was slow-going, but she made a sling to hold a reed, which helped a lot!

Let's all take a moment to admire that intricately carved shed stick, too!

finished rag-rug in shades of brown and black, lying on a carpeted floor upright rug loom with partially finished rag rug and carved shed stick in place



Lois has embarked on an ambitious and meaningful weaving journey. She is working tablet weaving into cloth woven on a floor loom, for a complex structure of layered weaves, worked all at once. You can read about it in more detail on her blog.


floor loom set up with standard warp, plus weaving cards inserted behind the reed for decorative selvedges and decorative band running down the center overhead view of weaving in progress, showing card-woven band in the center of plain warp, reading "time to share"


During quarantine, packages for the shop are being delivered to my home, which leads to more temptations than I am able to resist! This week, I treated myself to a bit of the new BFL/silk blend from Ashland Bay, after taking photos of it on the front porch and falling in love with its understated luxury. The wee skein turned out so nicely, and I definitely have plans for this fiber in the future.

soft oatmeal colored roving twisted into a neat pile two hands drafting wool onto a drop spindle, with a lawn, planter, and metal chair in the background drop spindle with wool singles spun onto it, being held in front of a planter and a lawn small skein of handspun 2-ply yarn draped over a hand

Thank you for visiting! As always, we love to hear what you are up to. Keep in touch!



Stay Home, Stay Healthy!

The Weaving Works is committed to doing our part to keep our community healthy. Updates to store operations will be posted here as we keep up with the ever-changing situation.

line drawing of a standing sheep, holding a sprig of cotton plant in its mouth


Update October 2:

We are now offering curbside pickup for online orders, and private classes in weaving!

You will now see the new pickup option at checkout, and it is a little different from before. Read all about it here: Curbside Pickup.

Please check the Calendar for available pickup times before placing your order.

Lois is teaching weaving classes again, with some modifications. Yay!

Find the details here: Private Classes.

Shipping of orders is still happening at least three days a week, and sometimes more often. Thank you for your continued support!



Update May 13:

Due to the volume of orders we've been getting, I am now back to shipping orders three times a week! Thank you so much for your support.

Most of our suppliers are up and running, with some minor shipping delays, so we have been able to restock the shop. Please get in touch if there is something you have been waiting for.

Classes and order pickups are still on hold for now. We will continue to monitor changes in the situation and act accordingly.


Update March 30:

As a business run by a single person, the Weaving Works is permitted to continue shipping orders during the shutdown, without any public interaction. However, we would like to remain conscious of the need for medical supplies, food, and other essential items to take priority for shipping providers. With this in mind, I will ship orders once per week while Washington state is under stay-home orders, and promise to keep in touch about your order status as things change. Thank you for your patience!


Update March 23:

As you may have heard, Governor Inslee has declared a two-week stay-home order in Washington state to contain the spread of the coronavirus. This means that I will not be able to ship orders after Wednesday, March 25. If you need to order anything from our online store, I ask that you do that by 9am on Wednesday, so that I can get it to the mail room before the mail pickup. I will continue to be available by email at home during the two-week quarantine.

Stay home, stay healthy!


In case you weren't aware, the Weaving Works is currently run by just one person, with much-appreciated support from owner, Marcy and previous manager, Jessi. Hi, it's me, Jennifer.  :)

As the sole staff member, I will do what I can to stay well and keep the shop running. However, if I do become sick, I will keep myself at home, and will not be able to ship orders. I promise to keep you informed if circumstances change.

We know that our online shop has the potential to weather this storm and continue to keep you and your family engaged during these trying times, health willing, for which we are grateful. In this spirit, I am making the following changes to keep this community safer and keep the shop up and running. All of these changes are temporary, and subject to change as the situation develops, so we are trying to stay flexible. Though it seems strange that "cooperation," in this case, means staying away from each other, I thank you for your cooperation!


Local pickups are on hold until April 17, at which point we will re-evaluate the situation.

Please allow me to ship your order instead! As nice as it is to see your smiling faces and talk about your project plans, reducing social contact is the better option. Shoot me an email at info@weavingworks.com or give us a call at (206) 524-1221 if you want to chat about your project, tools, or materials.

Orders go in the mail the same or next day, and orders shipped to the Seattle area usually arrive within one day!

USPS shipping boxes stacked on a desktop next to a computer


Class Looms and Wheels

For students with class equipment at home: if you are ready to bring equipment back, please get in touch with me via email to arrange a time to do that.

If you are sick, or vulnerable to getting sick, please stay home! We will be waiving the after-class rental fees for everyone during this time.


I am working closely with our teachers to make decisions about class arrangements. No new classes are being scheduled at this point, and a couple have been postponed.

If you are enrolled in a class that you are unable or uncomfortable to attend, please let us know. We will not require the usual 7 day's notice for you to receive a full refund. We just ask that you let us know as soon as you know, to help us adjust scheduling if necessary.

small basket of weaving shuttles holding a variety of yarns, resting on a stretched warp on a loom


As the situation with the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) develops, we will continue to make the necessary adjustments to keep our community healthy, and to keep you informed of changes. May your craft of choice be a comfort to you during these uncertain and difficult times. Please stay home, be well, and keep making beautiful things!