Post Women's March on DC and Local Womxn's Marches Redux

We have been tying up ends and catching up with things that fell behind during the Great Pink Escapade of January 2017. In an effort to answer your questions, we are posting this blog post as a WIP while we gather our wits. Thank you all for your patience!



Can I still wear my Pussyhat?


It's up to you! Many are wearing them as part of their daily uniform. You may also considering holding onto your hat for any upcoming events you may want to participate in for Women's Equality. If you are done with your hat and received it from a maker who donated it to the cause, please return it to them, return it to us (people are looking for them!), pay it forward, or donate it to a shelter. Please do not sell a donated hat for profit.



I didn't get one in time for the Marches but I would still love to wear one day to day in solidarity. Where can I get a Pussyhat? 


We currently do not have any. And while we would love to make more, we wouldn't be able to compete cost-effectively for most. There are, however, MANY Pussyhat Makers on Etsy. You can even search by location and find a Maker close to home. We are adamant about promoting the charitable intention of the original project and one of our staff might consider making you a Pussyhat for a charitable donation of $200 to one of our favorite programs: First Place Schools or Mary's Place.



Do you still have pink yarn?


Yes, but we always had pink yarn LOL. We brought in a few extra yarns and pinks to keep up with demand and even dyed a few dozen kilos (OK, 40kg to be exact), however, we have restocked most of the pink yarns we normally stock.  And, as of Thursday February 3, we have 30 skeins of Very Berry Malabrigo back in stock!  Check it out, it's the pinkest!



How many hats were mobilized?


We sent 327 requested pussyhats with locals marching on DC with an additional 532, for a total of 859 Pussyhats to Washington D.C. We also put 140 pussyhats on local marchers heads here and sent 82 along with Weaving Worker Cory to the March on Seattle, for a total of 222!



You know, there are upcoming Marches this spring for Black Lives Matter and Tax Day...


Yes! We are aware. We are awaiting more specific instruction from those organizing these events in regards to what they are looking for and what they would like us to do. What we know so far is they've requested plain black (no glitz or other colors), machine washable beanie or slouchy hats to accommodate different hair styles. No official patterns have been released that we know of yet.



Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who marched and all who made. It has been a truly amazing experience working with all of you and feeling the entire endeavor come together. Community has always been important, and regardless of whether you are just beginning to reach out or have been an established supporter or activist for equity and equality, keep reaching, we are here.