Statement Hats

Warning, this blog post is a WIP (because we wanted to get the class e-mail newsletter out to you sooner than later!)


Fiber Arts Traditions Image from the Woven Road


Well, you, like many, may be feeling the need to demonstrate for one or many causes. We are compiling lists below for those of you ready to wear your hearts on your heads. All of these hats are currently available for FREE :) Check it out! (PS, When we say "Marches" we also mean everyday wear, if it makes you warmer inside.)

Tell us what cause you are hat knitting for and receive 10% off your yarn for that project.


For Women's Marches

The Pussyhat Project - The original site for the infamous pink hat with knitting, crochet and sewing patterns!

 Some other great Pussyhat patterns from Ravelry:


For Black Lives Matter Marches (and Tax Day in Seattle)

(We are a collection site! Hats received by April 10 will make it to the march on Saturday, April 15)

BLM Hats for the Seattle Marches should be an all black beanie or slouchy hat (as per their hat coordinator). A Yarn Army 2.0 (Related to BLM Seattle) has compiled an excellent list of hat patterns for knitting and crocheting. Check it out here.


Knitting Patterns on Ravelry:



You can also find our Stay Woke Hat (super simple hat suitable for a first time knitter) on Ravelry, pictured below.


Weaving Workers Staying Woke   Stay Woke Hats laying on a table



 For Science Marches

There have been many different styles of hat proposed from Brain hats to any hat that gradates from brown/green to blue (Think: Earth to Sky). There's even a Pussyhat with a double helix running up one side (from one of the GENEie patterns below)!

From Ravelry:



For LGBTQIA+ and Pride Marches

We've definitely seen some amazing rainbow beanies and Pussyhats.

Knitting Patterns on Ravelry:


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