We have been actively participating in the Pussyhat Project since November, but due to a Seattle Times article published today, we have had an amazing response! This blog post is under construction and will be updated as time allows.




Thank you, Pussyhat Makers!! We have sent over 800 pussyhats to DC Marchers with and on the heads of over 300 local marchers marching on DC. Thank you all for helping make the Women's March on Washington D.C. as epic-ly pink as possible.


We are currently in the process of fulfilling over 500 requests from people marching on Seattle! We are distributing hats to people in the order of request and have stopped taking requests from Seattle marchers. If you contacted us about a pussyhat for your march, please be advised we are still fulfilling requests from January 5th. Pussyhat Makers with extras, please bring them by if you are able and bring them to your local march if not.


There are simple sewn patterns on the Pussyhat Project website for those of you in a last minute pinch. Pacific Fabrics may have kits, and these hats are simple enough to be quickly hand stitched as well!


Learn more about the Pussyhat Project.

Learn more about the Women's March on Washington D.C. on January 21st.

Interested in the Women's March on Seattle this January 21st, check out their Facebook page.



Friday, January 20 from 10am to 6pm at Hogness Auditorium, UW


Join community leaders and social advocates such as Washington Supreme Court Justice Mary You and Dr. Ben Danielson for a day of dialogue and activities around health equity, current topics affecting healthcare and self care. Come to as many or as few as you'd like. Bring your Pussyhats and/or work on them during the event. More information and full schedule can be found here.



Where can I download my free copy of the Pussyhat pattern for knitting and crochet? HERE!


Why "Pussyhat"? Oh, we're going to let the Pussyhat Project explain that... Scroll down for the Mission Statement.


Do you have any pink yarn left? Some, yes... We have been dyeing extra pink yarn to keep up with demand and are waiting for another shipment of pink yarn to arrive this week. We've also made some really fun "Magic Balls" of pink yarn that should work up fairly quickly if you follow our bulky pattern.


Stacy's Remarkable 5th Batch of Pink  All the yarn!


Is a Pussyhat hard to make? Nope! The patterns are written at a beginner level. 


I really need help with this... We're here to help (or try to help, lol). You can drop by during one of Drop-In Workshops (help for Pussyhats will be free of charge). Drop-In times for Pussyhats are: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 12:30pm and Wednesday at 6pm.


Do I need to be a knitter to make a Pussyhat? All fiber crafters are welcome! Knit, crochet, sew, felt, weave a pink hat with or without ears to help keep the "sea of pink" warm along the march. 


What kind of yarn do I need? There are patterns for different weight yarns and techniques (crochet, knit and sew) at www.pussyhatproject.com. Find our consolidated knitting pattern for worsted, bulky and super bulky weights here.  The worsted weight knitting pattern requires about 150 yards of yarn. 


Do you have the yarn used in the original pattern? No, unfortunately we (and Malabrigo) are sold out of Malabrigo Worsted in any pinks.


How much does the yarn to make a Pussyhat cost? It can range, but on average $10 or a bit more. Many balls/skeins of yarn will have left over yardage to start another hat.


Why should I buy Pussyhat yarn from you? Because you appreciate us and want to show us your support as well :) Also, because we are giving 10% off yarns to make Pussyhats through January 20th. If you have a local yarn shop you'd prefer to support, please shop pink with them! If they aren't collecting hats for distribution, please, please consider sending finished hats to us, as we are collecting an amazing list of marchers in need.


I have a crazy stash full of so much pink! Any advice? Yes, make more hats! Stripe and color block if you don't have enough of one color to make a whole hat.


My yarn is too skinny... Double fingering/sport/light DK weight yarn and use the worsted weight pattern. Double a plump DK and use the bulky weight version of our pattern.


I/my friend/someone I know is marching in D.C. Can we get a hat? How much will it cost? The hats are free for marchers. Pussyhat makers have donated their time and resources to keep your head warm and carry their thoughts with you on the march. We have closed our request form now that we are caught up. If you are able, please come by and your request will be fulfilled first come, first served.


I/my friend/someone I know is marching in Seattle. Can we get a hat? When the Pussyhat Project launched, one of the immediate goals was to fill the National Mall with pink Pussyhat-wearing marchers. We have committed to sending as many as possible to the national march in Washington D.C. We will be sending any extra hats on January 18th to the national march. Any received thereafter will be available for Seattle Marchers. We have closed our request form for hats, as the list for Seattle Marchers has surpassed 500. We may not have time to contact everyone on our lists before it's marching time, so one of our coworkers will be bringing all extras we have to the Seattle march. 


I'm on your list, will I be guaranteed a Pussyhat for when I march? Unfortunately, we cannot make that promise. We will do our very best to fulfill requests on a first come, first served basis. Seattle marchers, beware, we are not sure how many Pussyhats we will receive between our ship date and the 21st.


Will you send me a Pussyhat for my local march? No, we are pretty extended at this point. Please contact your local yarn shop to see if they are participating or know anyone who is participating and might make you a hat. Marching on D.C.? We will be shipping all remaining we receive by January 18th to the organizers attending the march. They will announce directions for picking up a hat there within a week of the March.


I can't make a Pussyhat, nor can I march. Can I donate to the cause? If you would like to contribute funds towards supplies for Pussyhat makers without the means, please use this link to contribute via the Weaving Works. You can also donate directly to the Pussyhat Project here or the Womens March on Washington here. If (unlikely) there are spare funds from donations, we will donate them to Mary's Place.


I really want to make Pussyhats for marchers, but I don't have the means to pay for yarn to make them! Let us know if you are in a pinch! The pink from our staff members stashes has all been parceled out, but we are collecting donations to help those who want to get involved purchase yarn. You just have to pinky swear you'll bring us your Pussyhat by January 18, and that you'll bring any spare yarn leftover back so we can make more striped Pussyhats.




  • I am looking for 2 pussy hats to end to some friends. Do you happen to have any left from the march that I can purchase?

    Posted by Kerin Kinzer on February 20, 2017
  • I’m also interesting in a pussyhat. Are there any knitters out there who I could pay to knit a custom hat for me? (p.s. I’m not in a hurry.)

    Posted by Tammy on January 20, 2017
  • Need 3 pussycat hats for Seattle March tomorrow. Live in the CD. Thanks.

    Posted by Kim Blakemore on January 20, 2017
  • I have 2 hats for D.C. Marchers. I live in Kitsap County. I can meet you in Bainbridge, Poulsbo, or Silverdale today or early tomorrow. Contact me: karenolson3@mac.com.

    Posted by Karen on January 17, 2017
  • Hi, we also need two hats to take to Washington DC, or will take as many as folks want us to take. We will, of course, donate/purchase the hats. Thanks much, Laura

    Posted by Laura Jaurequi on January 16, 2017
  • Today is Jan 14. I have finished two hats. I live in Kitsap County. If there are any marchers in the area who want hats, contact me Jan 14-16. Otherwise I need to take the ferry into Seattle to a drop off location.

    Posted by Karen on January 14, 2017
  • I have yarn arriving today (01/14) for one, possibly 2 if I can manage it, and would like to send them to DC with someone. If anyone is heading to DC after Monday 01/16, contact me at lynch.leslie@msn.com and I will be happy to get my hat(s) to you if I can (North Seattle area)!! I am also in the Ballard area Tuesdays and Wednesdays if later is better. Let me know, I really want a hat at the March since I cannot be there myself! :)

    Posted by Leslie on January 14, 2017
  • Help. I need two pussy hats. Can I buy them from you? If so where?

    Posted by Joan on January 13, 2017
  • So, does Weaving Works ever do anything like knitting/crocheting drives to make hats, scarves, mittens, etc. for the homeless? Or, as October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws closer, drives to create hats for chemo patients or Knitted Knockers (which can also be crocheted)?

    Posted by Lisa on January 12, 2017
  • I know I loved The Weaving Works before, but this makes it even better! Thank you for getting involved and supporting such a cool initiative.

    Posted by Lari on January 12, 2017
  • Hi, saw you in the Times article, so great to see! I have a hat on the Pussyhat Project’s website in Tunisian Crochet that works up in about an hour. It’s in the crochet section… my daughters and I have been cranking them out! :D Thanks for what you are doing to get the hats out there!!! Karen

    Posted by Karen on January 12, 2017
  • Anyone requesting hats for the marches, please use the request form links in the blog post.
    Laurie- Thank you for marching! I will add you to our list :)

    Posted by Jessica @ The Weaving Works on January 10, 2017
  • Hi, I am going to the DC March with a sister/friend so would love to buy two hats if possible. I leave on Jan 14…..my phone is 206 963-6666. Thank you so much for your good work!! all the way around….in solidarity….Laurie

    Posted by Laurie Greig on January 06, 2017