Felting Needle Guide


The Weaving Works now carries reverse- and spiral-blade felting needles, in addition to triangles and stars.  The various shapes and sizes of felting needles are used for different reasons, as they produce different results.  Since this might be confusing, we've written up this basic guide.



Felting needles are given specific gauges and each gauge creates a different result.  The larger the gauge number, the finer the needle.  Finer needles are more precise and leave smaller holes.  Unsurprisingly, this means these needles take longer to felt and are more prone to breaking.  Heavier gauge needles are faster and sturdier but leave larger holes.



Felting needles also have different shapes.  The most common is the triangle blade.  This needle has 3 blades of barbs.  Star blades have 5 blades of barbs and can felt densely, more quickly.  Spiral blades have barbs all around.  Spirals felt very densely and leave extremely small holes.



Barbs face down to push the wool towards the area you wish to felt and compact.  If a finished piece is smoother than desired, a reverse blade can be used to "fuzzy" up the surface.  Reverse barbs work to bring layered fiber back up to the surface.


So whether you want to replace your favorite type of needle or want to try a new style, we've got what you need!  With packs of triangles, stars, spirals, reverse, and combo packs. . .the needle felting world is your oyster!


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