Tom Bihn @ The Weaving Works | Swift Arrival!

Please note that this blog post from 2015 does not contain current information about our shop.


Well, maybe not so swift, but....

We are SO excited to announce that we now have a select amount of stock of Swift bags, yarn stuff sacks, and knitting pouches from the legendary Tom Bihn company.



100% LOCAL, 100% QUALITY

Tom Bihn is a small business that designs and manufactures an array of amazing bags and packs for day to day use and adventure, from travel to EDC (every day carry). Not only does Tom Bihn pay fair wages and provide a great work environment, they make their products in Seattle's SoDo district. Every item is made with careful attention to detail, super durable materials, and precision assembly. These bags last a lifetime (They even have a wall of well loved bags from decades past that hang on display in their showroom :).



For those of you who are unfamiliar: About 7 years ago, Amy Singer, editor of Knitty Magazine and long time Tom Bihn fan, collaborated with Tom Bihn to create what we think is the best and most versatile knitting bag we've seen. As others have come and gone, this one remains a winner (so much so, we kind of stopped stocking other knitting carry-alls...). To learn more about the making of the Swift, check out this video.



The Swift is amazingly capacious, which means it can handle all the materials and tools needed to make a large sweater and then some. What I love most are the clear interior pockets that keep the various tools of the trade easily visible and within reach (no more digging around the bottom of the bag for a tapestry needle here). Other favorite features: included yarn sack (yay!),  places to clip other accessories in various locations, and the fact the bag has NO Velcro and stands up on its own when you've got a few things in it. Using the included extender strap, I've managed to clip my project in a yarn stuff sack to hang outside of the main bag and happily knit along without tangles. 





We also have Yarn Stuff Sacks and Knitting Pouches available for purchase in a few sizes. The Yarn Stuff Sacks have clear bottoms, a drawstring/wrist loop, a clip to attach to your Swift or other bag, and a thread guide to keep your yarn inside the sack. The pouches have clear fronts for easy viewing and side panels to keep all those pointy things from poking through the clear fronts, and also feature a ring for connecting to other bags.




After reaching out to them, we were able to bring in some of their wonderful knitting related bags so knitters, crocheters and other fiber fiends could see them in their natural habitat: the LYS. Come in and take a look, they have a proud place in our local section.

If you want to order one but can't make it in, please order directly from Tom Bihn. They're a small business making exceptional quality goods in the US and so there's really no room for any markup. As such, we are unable to offer any discounts on these items (but you can use and get points from them!) Available while available.




PS. Did we mention these are the perfect gift for any fiber enthusiast who doesn't already own one of these magical bags?


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  • I learned to crechot in Elementary school, and have been ever since,(I’m 47 now) I make afghans, washcloths, dishcloths, socks, scarves and squares now for charity (sent to Africa where they are joined together for blankets for orphans) with any leftover yarn. My mother taught me to knit, but I find it takes too long to complete anything big and I’m not as confident in my abilities, also it’s too hard to correct mistakes.

    Posted by Stephen on December 20, 2015
  • What are the prices for the items shown?

    Posted by Karen Russell on November 20, 2015