Meet our new Pattern Station

We are pleased to share we have set up a little pattern station for your project planning and pattern searching needs. Our catalogs of single patterns and all of our books and periodicals are close at hand. Forgot to print your pattern before you came to the store? No problemo! Equipped with a computer terminal with Internet access, you can look up your Ravelry account, browse for patterns online and show us what you were looking for.


Ravelry has become the go to place for knitters & crocheters (their weaving and spinning departments are growing, too!) They support local yarn stores by allowing us to purchase Ravelry patterns online for you in-store and have them delivered to you digitally by e-mail and directly into your Ravelry library. We can even print a copy with your name on it (we charge 15 cents per page, so save a tree if you don't need it printed!).


Not sure about a Ravelry pattern? We have a curated collection of patterns from Ravelry you can check out. We don't have all of them, but we may have the one you're looking for. Take a look and decide before you buy :)