Wrapping up the Bridgewater and Rock Island Shawl Knit-along

Hello all!


For the past few months we had a little lace knit-along featuring two Jared Flood pattern lace shawl patterns: Bridgewater and Rock Island. In the beginning, Team Bridgewater and Team Rock Island had an equal number of participants. On the last KAL (Knit-along) gathering, Bridgewater knitters outnumbered Rock Islanders by a mile. The tail end of Rock Island is basically garter, whereas the final stretches of Bridgewater are knitted on lace and a grafted seam. Maybe Team Rock Island was contentedly coasting along the final stretches from home. However, by the end of the official KAL this March, Team Bridgewater had the most finished shawls submitted.



During the Knit-along knit nights, we had many non KAL knitters join us. Surprisingly, there was a lot of lace on the table, even if not one of the designated patterns. We had new to experienced lace knitters at the table from near and far. Mimi, visiting Seattle for about a year from Japan, began and finished her Rock Island (her first lace project!) and has just begun Bridgewater!


Here are some photos of the Knit-along shawls in progress and finished submitted for the drawing. Congratulations to all the knitters who participated here and from afar! And congratulations to Anna and Cathy for winning the KAL drawing!




It was great fun to share tips, techniques, frustrations and triumphs. To all who participated and those still knitting along, keep trucking! Let us know if you have any questions, and we can't wait to do another knitalong (after we get settled in our next location, of course). If you have any recommendations (not just lace), let us know!


  • While color is more of a personal thing this post was so fstninaaicg who would have thought? Never could I have imagined that they try to predict colors years in advanced and the steps to get there. This was so insightful and eye opening. Wonderful post!

    Posted by Alen on December 20, 2015